Lettering & Calligraphy Artist, Ieuan Rees
Image of Ieuan Rees
Ieuan Rees graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Master of Design Degree in 1967 and has worked as a freelance artist/craftsman for over 40 years.
He has appeared on many TV programmes, and his work has been reproduced in many books.
He is regarded as one of Britainís most versatile artist/craftsmen in the fields of lettering, letter carving, calligraphy, architectural lettering and graphic communication. He has worked on vellum, stone, glass, wood and metal. He has lectured and held workshops all over Britain, the USA, and in Sydney, Australia.
He is a Fellow and past chairman of the Society of Scribes & Illuminators. and an Honorary Member of both the Washington Calligraphers Guild and The Colleagues of Calligraphy, Minneapolis. He is also a Full Member of The Royal Cambrian Academy of Art.
His work includes twinning charters, freedom scrolls, family trees, book jackets, TV credits, commemorative plaques, memorials, architectural lettering, headstones, logo design and other forms of lettering communication work. He has work in Westminster Abbey and numerous other cathedrals and churches as well as at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff and other secular buildings throughout the country and in private collections.
He holds workshops in both lettering and calligraphy at his Studio for small groups and individuals.

In this video, Ieuan discusses calligraphy and it's relationship to letter carving kallos graphos (Greek).

In this video, Ieuan discusses his headstone work and his life.

The Grave Marker from Kelly Sinclair Smith on Vimeo.

image of dragon carving